Ruto Labels NASA’s Reassurance of 10 Million Votes as a Lucid Dream

Deputy President William Ruto has ridiculed the National Super Alliance’s claim that it was assured of garnering 10 million votes in the August polls.

Addressing a political rally in Narok yesterday, the Deputy President said that the opposition leaders were desperately trying to play with Kenyans’ minds with such “fictitious” figures. He also pointed out that the wishful thinking was customized to relax their supporters and give them false hopes that victory was assured.

“That is wishful thinking and lying to their supporters,” Ruto declared shortly after receiving several ODM leaders who had ditched the ODM party for Jubilee. He added that the Jubilee Party had unsettled the NASA camp after making inroads into regions initially perceived to be the opposition’s strongholds.

On Wednesday, NASA coalition flag bearer, Raila Odinga, conceded that marshaling such a high number of votes was not easy but he exuded confidence that the opposition was on course to unseat the Jubilee government nonetheless. Speaking in Gusii Stadium, Odinga cited the increasing political participation in NASA’s strongholds as one of the primary reasons for predicting a landslide victory for his camp.

“When we say we will get 10 million plus votes, it is not a joke – but we mean serious business,” he said. He also urged NASA supporters to soldier on in the wake of the recent defections of key political allies to Jubilee, arguing that the opposition had also received bigwigs including Prof. Sam Ongeri, Hassan Osman, Hassan Noor Hassan, and Adan Yusuf among others.

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