Officials in South Africa Concede That Inmates Were Entertained by Strippers

By Onderi M. Dennis

In some countries, inmates enjoy such privileges as occasional conjugal visits, but in South Africa, prisoners are treated to exotic dancers. Many thought that the explicit photos doing the rounds on social media a few days ago were fake, but The Department of Correctional Services has now confirmed that some strippers were let into Johannesburg Medium B Prison to entertain inmates.

One of the lucky inmates who had a chance to be rocked by a sexy stripper.

Through the spokesperson, Singabakho Nxumalo, the department acknowledged that it was aware of the incident and that the images were taken during the annual June Youth Month celebrations, which are held in memory of the students killed in the 1976 anti-apartheid Soweto revolt. James Smalberger, the acting national commissioner of the department, described the incident as a major breach and violation of prison protocols and promised an immediate probe into the same. He reckoned that the department approved the celebrations, “but the form of entertainment as depicted on social media was not approved and not in line with Correctional Services policies and procedures.”
Popularly known as Sun City, Johannesburg Medium B Prison houses some of South Africa’s most dangerous criminals, and some members of the public defended the inmates arguing that such a privilege ought to be officially sanctioned now.


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