Video: Watch Ivorian Band Magic System Holding Mid-Flight Concert Aboard Air Cote d’Ivoire’s Airbus A320

By Onderi M. Dennis

Ivorian music group Magic System made history by holding a mid-flight concert on Thursday during the launch of Ivory Coast’s flagship airline’s new aircraft.

The quartet (Salif Asalfo Traoré, Narcisse Goude Sadoua, Étienne Tino Boué Bi, and Adama Manadja Fanny) performed in front of a bunch of dancing fans, including President Alassane Ouattara, aboard the Airbus A320 in an event organised by Air Cote d’Ivoire shortly after receiving the airplane.

The passengers sang along and cheered as the band performed some of their popular hits, including Premier Gaou and Cherie Coco. The concert was part of the inaugural flight of the new aircraft from Toulouse to Abidjan via Ouagadougou.

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