Video: “I am the Long Awaited Jesus Christ,” Nigerian Man Proclaims on a Live TV Interview

By Onderi M. Dennis

A one Mr. Omowole Isaac Omogoroye has declared himself “the long awaited Son of God” in Lagos and proclaimed that he is Nigeria’s president-in-waiting.

Speaking on Sahara TV, the former president of the University of Lagos Students’ Union said he would rename Nigeria as “The New Jerusalem” once he assumes office.

The self-proclaimed “messiah” said that he was appearing to the whole world as “the one and only son of God expected back to life” and he will soon occupy Aso Villa, which is the office and residence of the Nigerian President.

“I come in the new name of God as documented in the only living book, the bible, in Revelations chapter 3 verse 17, Revelations chapter 2:5, 2:7, and 2: 1,” he said.

“No man born of a woman will come from the sky down. It was only a parable in the Bible. I’m here to decode that parable in Revelations,” he went on. Watch the full video.

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